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Atom 500/G10 & Atom 500/CF

For pilots of all levels desiring flexibility and simplicity, the Atom 500/G10 electric heli
is a perfect fit. Featuring an FG blade, the unique Compass Hyper Torque motor, 40A ESC,
8t Pinion, and flybar weight, the Atom 500/G10 is powerful, stable, agile as well as accurate.
Beginners will enjoy the 8 tooth Rookie, while the 9 tooth will offer high performance in 3D.
For extreme pilots, the monster 10 tooth is sure to make an impression. Simple maintenance
and a low part count are only a few more of the benefits of this value-priced heli.

The Atom 500/CF features a sturdy carbon fiber frame, a carbon blade, the unique
Compass Hyper Torque motor, 60A ESC, and 9t Pinion to hold up to the most extreme of 3D pilots.


Watch on Helifreak ”Finless” Bob White Atom 500 Build Video

Petr Novotny: Video / David Vega (Indoor): Video

Saitini Yap; Video1 / Video2 / Video3 / Tyler; Video1 / Video2


  • Length: 835mm
  • Height: 270mm
  • Rotor diameter: 962mm
  • Motor pinion available: 8T/9T box provided
  • 10T for xtra hard 3D usable only with a 100A esc (not kit provided)
  • Gear ratio 8T: 9.75:1:4.286
  • Gear ratio 9T: 8.67:1:4.286
  • Gear ratio 10T: 7.8:1:4.286
  • Take-off weight: 1.75kg
  • Motor size: 500 BL HT
  • KV: 1080
  • Battery type: Lipo 6S
  • Rotor blades: 430mm
  • Tail blades: 70mm
  • Paddles: 11gr/7gr for xtra hard 3D

Atom 500 Manual

Atom 500 Parts


  • Best 3D performance
  • Precision ECCPM 120° metal swash plate
  • Aluminum rotor head
  • Aluminum tail rotor
  • Extra strong G10 or CF frame design
  • Large gear mod 1
  • Simple maintenance with easy access
  • Low parts count
  • 80% Preassembled kit
  • Wear resistant parts
  • Extra large boom avoid any static loads
  • Extra large BL Hyper-Torque motor
  • Estimate horse power more than 2HP
  • Designed for 6S battery
  • ESC 60A with 3A BEC

Atom 500 RotorHead Atom 500 RotorHead
Atom Main Gear Atom 500 Main Gear
Atom 500 New Tail Atom 500 New Tail
Atom HT motor Atom 500 HT Motor
Atom 500 Tail Gear Case Atom 500 Tail Gear Case
Atom 500 Rotorhead Atom 500 Rotorhead
Picture shows Atom 500 flown by our Switzerland Distributor "Hugo Markes"