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Please Read This First!

  As a manufacturer in the RCcommunity, we think it is important to produce safe, high quality products. But even more important is to honestly and accurately test and advertise the REAL specifications and capabilities of each product. Most of the batteries in the marketplace CANNOT be operated at the advertised discharge rates. This is deceptive, unfair and expensive for consumers.  
  All of our packs are tested as "packs". We don't test single cells and show you graphs hoping you will believe that single cells will perform the same in a pack. The fact is that they don't. The heat buildup in packs is much greater due to the inability of the cells to dissipate heat. We post the discharge graphs (including bursts) right on our site.  
  In summary, we print the specs right on the label. We clearly state how you can use the pack. Check out our website and you'll see that we try to share what we've learned and help you get the most for your money when purchasing electric aircraft components.  
  We invite your comments and suggestions.  Additionally, you can post technical questions on our Tech Forum or you can chat directly with a knowledgeable "Lipo Guy" by using our "Live Help" feature located in the top right hand corner of the screen.  
  If you want honest information, accessible tech support, fair prices and guaranteed performance, you're in the right place and click here.  

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